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Travel Information Services Committee Goal:
The Travel Information Services Committee supports the development of a corridor-wide, multimodal traveler information system that provides users with accurate and timely information.

Travel Information Services Committee Vision:
Transportation users have ready access to accurate and timely Corridor-wide multi-modal travel information to assist them in making trip decisions.

 Featured Travel Information Services Projects
Vehicle Probe Data CollectionVPP Suite Trend MapsInformation Systems Network (ISN)

The I-95 Vehicle Probe Project is a groundbreaking initiative providing comprehensive and continuous travel time information on freeways and arterials using probe technology. July 1, 2011 marked the start of the fourth year (Coalition Project Year 19) that Vehicle Probe Project (VPP) data is being provided to our members.

There are now 7,000 centerline freeway miles, more than 20,000 freeway and arterial miles in all, including continuous coverage of the I-95 corridor from New Jersey through Florida. Coverage also exists in Rhode Island. The network includes full coverage of freeways and major arterials in North Carolina and the Tidewater area of Virginia, full or nearly full coverage of limited access roads in New Jersey, Maryland and South Carolina and the northern and eastern portions of Florida. In addition, coverage now includes ramps at 160 major highway-to-highway interchanges, with all states having interchanges included except Georgia.

Numerous Uses for the Data – I-95 Corridor Coalition member agencies have found many uses for the vehicle probe data, including:

  • Travel Information for 511 (web and phone) Systems, Dynamic Message Signs, and Kiosks
  • Travel Time Calculations for Message Boards
  • Performance Measures and Travel Time Reliability Support
  • Traffic Pattern Observations (in-state and multi-state)

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TIDSS Report Now AvailableWebcast on Use of Archive DataNew Developers Section in 511NY Website

I-95 Corridor Coalition Travel Information Decision Support System Final Report

The Travel Information Decision Support System (TIDSS) Final Report, dated January 2012, is now available.

This report documents the use of decision support systems in ITS and travel information as well as current use of Decision Support Systems by agencies throughout the nation. Finally, detailed survey results may be used by agencies as a guide to plan or modify their TIDSSs.

bullet View TIDSS Final Report


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I-95 Corridor Travel Information Apps page - This page is designed to assist the traveling public in route planning and enhance the ability for travelers to readily locate Travel Apps from the Coalition’s member agencies along the Corridor. Please distribute the link to the parties you deem as appropriate – you are also welcome to link your website to the Apps page. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. They may be directed to Marygrace Parker, Coalition Travel Information Program Coordinator, at i95mgp@ttlc.net or 518-852-4083.

  Committee Leaders

Mary Ameen
North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
E-Mail: mameen@njtpa.org

Todd Westhuis
New York State DOT
E-Mail: twesthuis@dot.state.ny.us

Kelly Wells
North Carolina DOT
Email: kwells@ncdot.gov

TISPTC & VPP Coalition Staff Liaison:
Marygrace Parker
Travel Information Services and Vehicle Probe Project Coordinator
Phone: (518) 852-4083
E-Mail: i95mgp@ttlc.net

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Travel Information Services Committee Meeting

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Travel Information Services Committee Meeting

When: April 3, 2014
Where: Philadelphia, PA & webcast

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Joint Meeting – Partners Using Archived Ops Data & VPP Suite User Group

When: April 3, 2014
Philadelphia, PA & webcast

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