A partnership of transportation agencies and related organizations, from Maine to Florida and in Canada, working together to accelerate improvements in transportation across multiple jurisdictions and throughout all modes.

Vehicle Probe
The I-95 Vehicle Probe Project is a groundbreaking initiative providing comprehensive and continuous travel time information on freeways and arterials using probe technology. The network includes North Carolina and the Tidewater area of Virginia, full or nearly full coverage of limited access roads in New Jersey, Maryland and South Carolina and the northern and eastern portions of Florida.
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Mileage Based User Fee
The Mileage Based User Fee project will be based on actual operating environments and current conditions in the selected states and will analyze specific adaptations that would need to be made to administer VMT based charges. The project analyzed the alignment of required VMT administrative functions to those existing functions most prevalent within state DMVs, toll authorities and state Revenue Agencies.
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Eco-Driving Campaign
The I-95 Corridor Coalition member agencies have partnered in an Eco-Driving Campaign to provide drivers with easy changes that can be made to reduce fuel consumption, wear and tear on vehicles, and environmental impacts. Click on the button below to see tips - such as removing unnecessary items from the trunk, inflating tires, and using cruise control - and other timely information from this Eco-Driving Campaign.
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Traffic Incident Management
IM Virtual Training for 1st Responders - Intensive training program that uses three-dimensional, multi-player computer gaming simulation technology to test, validate, certify, and reinforce the dissemination of best incident management practices across the Coalition region.
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I-95 Corridor Coalition Creates Traffic Data Marketplace to Provide Vehicle Probe Project Data… Creating a Team of Traffic Data Providers

The I-95 Corridor Coalition, working through the University of Maryland, is pleased to announce the completion of a thorough competition for procuring real-time speed and travel time data. Under this new contract, Coalition member agencies will realize up to a 50% reduction in cost over the prior contract. The competition resulted in the selection of the following three well-qualified vendors:

  • HERE
  • TomTom

Member agencies may choose from these vendors to procure traffic speed and travel time data. The multiple-vendor approach creates a traffic data marketplace--allowing agencies to best meet their traffic data and information needs while still maintaining uniform data use rights, common real-time situational awareness in the corridor for incident response and traveler information, and consistent data standards to support performance measures and planning using best-practices Coalition wide.

Through this competitive process, the Coalition secured even higher quality specifications for accuracy, timeliness and granularity of the data. Additionally, the network emphasis was expanded to include freeways and principal (signalized) arterials – creating an industry-first, multi-vendor, unified operations picture that spans critical road classes. Later this year, the Coalition will seek to expand capabilities yet again with industry-first, real-time volume and origin-destination data to augment speed and travel time, so stay-tuned.

The Coalition would like to thank the evaluation committee consisting of representatives from Coalition member states for their time and invaluable contribution of expertise, without which this would not have been possible.

Data from this new contract may be available as early as July 1, 2014, pending successful execution of revised Data Use Agreements within the Coalition. The Coalition staff will work with current users to transition to the new contract as smoothly as possible.

For more information on the Vehicle Probe Project, contact any of the following:

George Schoener, I-95 Corridor Coalition
(703) 389-9281

Stan Young, University of Maryland
(301) 405-3096

Kathy Frankle, University of Maryland

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NAFTANext SummitText Stop InitiativePennsylvania to Link I-95Freight Moves FloridaConstruction Alerts

Secretary Searles, Vermont Agency of Transportation, Discusses North American Trade Corridors at NAFTANext Summit

Vermont Secretary of Transportation, Brian Searles, was invited to speak at the NAFTANext Summit on April 23. His presentation, entitled “NAFTA and North American Trade Corridors” details the huge levels of trade moving across the border through small states like Vermont – and the potential impact on the trade corridor if the systems are not maintained. Download Summit presentation (PPT).



National Public Radio Series Features I-95

I95National Public Radio (NPR) has produced a new short series featuring Interstate 95 – the series is informative and entertaining, and provides the public with a sampling of the substantial role that I-95 plays along the Eastern Seaboard.

The series covers topics such as the missing link, the Port of Savannah, tourism and jobs from I-95 in South Florida and in Maine, must-see exit stops, 95 songs for driving on I-95, and futurists’ ideas to keep traffic flowing. 

I-95: The Most Traveled Road >> Go to NPR Special Series
 Northern Virginia Lane Closures

Changes are coming to the I-95 corridor in Northern Virginia. The current HOV lanes are being converted to Express Lanes between Alexandria and Stafford, Virginia. If planning to travel along this portion of I-95 please review the vamegaprojects.com website for updated construction information and lane closure notices, or the 95expresslanes.com site for information on how to use the Express Lanes. The project will be complete by the end of 2014, and the new lanes - requiring all travelers to have E-ZPass - will be open to motorists by early 2015.

 Pulaski Skyway

Pulaski Skyway – NJ and NY Long-term Major Construction Project. Click here for more details.

Watch a video that provides an overview of the project, with an emphasis on helping motorists learn about travel options once the Pulaski Skyway northbound lanes are closed: http://youtu.be/MRJXdUiVKwY

Read NY Times article called 'Drivers in New Jersey to Lose Link as Pulaski Skyway Route Close'.

  Primary Freight Network

Coalition Comments on the Primary Freight Network Designation

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued, through the Federal Register, a call for comments on the designation of a Primary Freight Network. The Coalition has been working with our 16 State Department of Transportation members and a number of MPOs within the Corridor, along with other stakeholders to review and assess the proposed Designation of the Primary Freight Network. These comments provided reflect the Coalition’s substantial experience with multistate freight transportation and its review of the proposed PFN designation with its members. The Coalition’s comments are intended to complement, not supplant, the responses submitted by our individual member agencies, authorities and associations.

Annually, more than 5.3 billion tons of freight are shipped within/through the I-95 Corridor region. Efficient freight movement that supports cost-effective supply chains for the region’s businesses and industries is critically important to the Coalition region.

In its Notice, the FHWA provided two possible designations of the PFN: a 27,000 centerline-mile network as mandated by MAP-21; and a 41,000 centerline-mile network developed by applying the MAP-21 selection criteria and then adding additional highway segments to close the major gaps in the 27,000 network. The FHWA asked for responses to a number of specific questions about the PFN designation and designation process. The Coalition’s comments address those questions that are most relevant to viewing freight and any network designations in particular from a multistate/corridor perspective. To view the Coalition’s comments to the proposed designation of the Primary Freight Network, click here.


Delaware DOT Secretary Bhatt Named Chair of I-95 Corridor Coalition

BhattDelaware DOT's Secretary Shailen Bhatt has been named Chair of the I-95 Corridor Coalition's Executive Board.

"The Coalition plays an important role in coordinating efforts among states and transit agencies to ensure travelers on the Corridor get to their destinations. We are also sensitive to the need for the Coalition to address traffic congestion, unsafe road conditions, and loss of travel time. In addition, we're striving for better coordination among transportation agencies during weather events," said Secretary Bhatt.

Click here to listen to a Transportation Radio interview with Secretary Bhatt discussing his goals for the I-95 Corridor Coalition.

  Travel Planning

New Technologies Benefit Travelers along the I-95 Corridor

Advancements in technologies are providing real time and historical travel trend information to travelers. Following are examples of new tools to assist travelers in trip planning: