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Vehicle Probe Project

I-95 Corridor Coalition Vehicle Probe project

The Vehicle Probe Project is a groundbreaking initiative and collaborative effort among the Coalition, University of Maryland and INRIX and has been providing comprehensive and continuous real-time travel information since July 2008. Member agencies have found numerous uses for the data beyond simply travel information.

There are many project documents available for your use and reference as listed below.

  • Contract Documents – Includes the original contracting documents as well as two versions of the Data Use Agreement. A Data Use Agreement needs to be executed to obtain project data. 
  • Data Validation – Includes reports on all of the data validation efforts to date.
  • General Information & Press – Includes a one page overview of the project as well as several papers on project benefits.
  • Coverage Expansion – Includes documents on the expansion of coverage for member agencies.
  • Technical Information – Includes the Project Interface Guide and other technical papers to assist in the use of the project data. The coverage maps of the areas within the core states are also provided.
  • Project Presentations – Includes the presentations and meeting minutes for each of the Vehicle Probe Project Team status webcasts held and other pertinent presentations.

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Available Information on the Vehicle Probe Project Minimize
Contract DocumentsData ValidationGeneral Info & PressCoverage ExpansionTechnical InfoProject Presentations
VPPII (from 7/2014 to present)
   - VPPII Data Use Agreement
VPPI (from 7/2009 to 7/2014)
   - Original RFP
Doc icon
   - INRIX Proposal
   - Response to Questions #1
   - Response to Questions #2
   - Payment Formula Method–March 2009 (Modification M009)
   - List of Agencies with Executed Data Use Agreements – updated: March 19, 2014
  I-95 Vehicle Probe Project Coverage – December 2013 Minimize
  One-Click Reports and Links

Project Page (Note: Most of the VPP documents/reports are located here on the “Highlights” tab)
Project One-pager (January, 2014) PDF icon
Quick Start Sheet (October, 2013) Doc icon
Quick Reference Guide (October, 2013) Doc icon
Project Interface Guide 4.0 (February, 2013)Doc icon
 Overall Vehicle Probe Project Benefits Paper - August 2010 Doc icon
Two-Year Validation Report - Revised 2010 PDF

VPPII is Here!

New documents for VPPII are being added to this page. Please look for these new documents in the VPPII section. The files from the original VPP will remain for your reference.